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The Bible Dilemma: Historical contradictions, misquoted statements, failed prophecies and oddities in the Bible

The Bible Dilemma: Historical Contradictions, Misquoted Statements, Failed Prophecies and Oddities in the Bible - M. L. Gutierrez I want to make clear, I am not a Christian so this is not just a knee-jerk reaction to this book. That being said this is poorly written and many of the issues he points out are not issues at all. He will repeat many of the same assertions, reworded to make them seem different. I assume he does this to pad out the book to make it look more substantive. He makes many assertions about history but does not source anything. He quibbles about the way names are spelled. At one point he says that a name that Jesus mentions is not used in the Old Testament, then on the next page has a quote from the Old Testament that uses that name. And the grammar in this is awful. I'm guessing this book did not go through any editing process. I was looking forward to a book that would honestly discuss the Bible story in contrast to documented history, and look at its internal inconsistencies. The author of this was so intent on making the Bible look foolish that he made himself look foolish in the process. Pointing out that one chapter says 3 years and that another says 4 years does not destroy the underpinnings of the whole book. He does touch on some very important points in the book, like the lineage of Jesus, but spends the bulk of his time on such small things as whether Solomon was David's second son or his fourth. There are some interesting things to be found in this book, if you have the patience to skim through all of the non-sense to find them.