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Conspiracy: History's Greatest Plots, Collusions and Cover-Ups

Conspiracy - Charlotte Greig This is a rather standard overview of popular conspiracy theories, quickly reviewed. It is somewhat entertaining and decently written. I was somewhat baffled by the other reviews that claim the author was out to deny all conspiracy theories, as that is not what she does. She admits that several of the theories have merit to them. I suspect that these reviewers were just upset because she cast doubt in their personal favorites. They also complain that not all the facts are presented. However this is pretty ridiculous, as all of these theories have had multiple volumes written about them. There would simply not be enough room in a book of this nature to present every fact and every angle on all of these theories. The resulting book would be several extremely large volumes that only the most die-hard conspiracy enthusiast would be willing to read. This book is obviously meant to just be a quick summary of several of the more popular theories, and is actually one of the more balanced books of this type that I have read.